Monday, April 12, 2010

Uzerche, France

Emily found this town randomly and we decided to check it out for a day - we liked it so much we ended up spending 4 days here. The town is a couple hours from Bordeaux wine country and has a small river, with walking paths and a large green, grassy bank - perfect for picnicking, reading and drinking wine on. Across the river is a castle with high walls and below that a house with a really long yard with a billy goat, a large sheep and a mini-sheep. There was a large stone wall with white planters where we spotted over 40 lizards - it seemed that each lizard had its own planter spot and some were very shy but others didn't move even when we got really close. Ducks flew at high speeds across the river constantly (which I love to watch and which made me feel bad for all of the duck confit that Emily and I ate during our visit). Each morning Emily would run along the river, then I would spend the afternoon sitting in the sun on the riverbank reading.

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