Friday, April 23, 2010

Dans Le Noir: Paris, FR

Emily I ate dinner at 'Dans Le Noir', or 'Dining in the Dark' here in Paris. It was our last night together before Emily heads back to the states for a little R&R and it was a great experience. The concept is that you go in for a three course, 'surprize menu' - you have no idea what you will be eating - in a completely dark room. You are led through a double-curtain and into the pitch black restaurant by your 'food guide' - all of whom are blind. They lead you by the hand to your table and place your hand on your chair that so you can sit yourself down. You then feel around for your eating utensils. You have to put a finger in your glass when you fill up your water or you don't know when to stop pouring. I opened my eyes really wide and waved my hands about two inches from them and saw absolutely nothing. The only time I've been in a place that dark was when they turned off the lights in one of the caves in Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. It was really a unique experience and your other senses truly get heightened - not that the sense of hearing really helped that much - as everyone was speaking French :)

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