Saturday, January 30, 2010

South Africa Wrap Up

We're heading out of Cape Town today, after a ten day stay. I can say that I've had an amazing time here - beautiful town, extremely nice people, vibrant culture, great history, tons of sightseeing opportunities and lots to do. A few observations: the Indian ocean is reasonably calm, the Atlantic is fairly rough, 'hoek' is dutch for corner and is pronounced 'hook' (Fish Hoek is a great town name, unfortunately the beach is closed due to a shark attack a few weeks back), I really enjoy bluenose and snoek fish, The Africa Cafe does not have any waiters named 'titty', Castle beer is a great local brew, 'brutal fruit' is a truly awful name for a winecooler, the Cape of Good Hope is cool to visit with tons of hiking (and even cabins for overnight stays), the penguin colony in Simon's Town is a must-see, African food is quite tasty, traffic lights here are referred to as 'robots', & I enjoy Nornadians...

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