Thursday, January 28, 2010

Penguin Colony - Simon's Town

After lunch, Emily and I jumped into a Rikki cab for a drive to Simon's Town. We spent about 4 hours at Boulder Beach - the African penguin colony. I took a swim in False Bay (the Indian Ocean is way warmer than the Atlantic). We saw over 1,000 penguins and got to sit on the beach about 2 feet from a whole group of them. It was a really cool experience. Believe it or not they can fairly easily walk/hop up and down stairs to get to the beach. It's a trip to watch. The cat-like creature below is a 'Genet' (related to a linsang). The other animal is a Rock Hyrax (called a 'dassie' in South Africa).

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Sledge Hammer said...

Nice pics! I MUST comment on that: a hyrax is often mistaken for "a very well-fed guinea-pig" :-)