Saturday, January 23, 2010

Never Weld Drunk!

So an update on our hotel. After resting up from shark diving, we headed out to eat at The Africa Cafe in Bo Kaap. Leaving our hotel my favourite staffer was clearly inebriated again and this time was attempting to weld a strike plate on the front door. As we came down the stairs he looked up at us goggle-less, with his welding wand at full power and sparking and passed along this sage advice "never weld when you're drunk" and then promptly singed his thumb and yelled. We left.

At the Africa Cafe we had a great 'Communal Feast' for about 550 Rand ($90 USD) with the local Castle Lager, and the following:
Cassava Bread: Baked tapioca & cheese flat bread
Channa Fish: Dusted with chic pea flour and fried
Moroccan Lamb Stew: Tender lamb stew sweetened with dates
Kenyan Coconut Chicken: Strips of filleted chicken breasts in a coconut milk sauce
Portia’s Sticky Chicken Wings: Grilled with honey & herb marinade
Kenyan Irio Patties: Spinach, potato and pea patties
Malawi Mbatata, Cheese and Sim Sim Balls: Sweet potato & cheese balls rolled in sesame seed
Ethiopian Aib: White curd cheese with home-grown herbs
Congolese Spinach: Spinach cooked with peppers, onion & tomato
Cape Malay Dhal Curry: Medium strength lentil curry
Zambian Bean Pies: Crispy pastry with red bean filling
Senegalese Stuffed Papaya: Scooped out halves filled with savoury rice & topped with sweet red pepper relish
Chic Pea Bites: Spicy chic pea, onion and dhanya bites
Mozambican Piri Piri Dip: Hot, spicy dip of crushed red chillies & lemon juice
Egyptian Om Ali Dessert

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