Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dublin Orientation Day

Today, John took us out on an orientation tour of Dublin. We first visited the northern coast and drove/walked around Malahide and Howth before coming back into City Center and the Financial District of Dublin. Next, we visited Sandymount, Ringsend, Ballsbridge, Don Loughaire and Dalkey. Last, but not least, we went to Killiney and saw Enya's Manderley Castle as well as Bono's house.

Tomorrow is house hunting and we have about 20 properties to look at. Both Emily and I like Sandymount best and hope to find a place that we like in this area.

We ate our Thanksgiving Dinner at Madigans Pub (in the Temple Bar area of Dublin) -- Fish & Chips and Bangers & Mash!  The pub, quiet and sparsely populated when we walked in around 6p, became loud very quickly when Emily and I were joined by 15 boisterous welshmen in to watch the rugby matches this weekend. We traded Colorado stories for tales from Cardiff over pints of Guiness for an hour or so and got invited to come watch the Wallabies play Australia with them on Saturday - we'll see...

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