Sunday, July 23, 2006

"I wonder if I can fit my entire body into this pitcher" pondered Sach

Hat thwack

Sach brings back the high school "hat thwack" one evening in Golden. It's very simple - just wait until your buddy gets so engrossed in the karoke action that he is not paying attention and then take off your hat and smash it into his head as hard as possible.


Looking for Starbucks...

KB in the process of giving me a beat down on Ms. Pacman

The "Fun Zone" in Newport Beach

Say cheese.

So I was back out in Newport Beach, CA in mid-July on some business meetings. I walked down to the beach right before sunset and stumbled upon some "engagement pictures" being taken. The photographer made the two run up and down the beach and jump for about :30min - I have video - it was great!

Cool & Sexy - that's Henna.

Unicycle in Newport Beach

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Doug Martsch performs outside the Fox

Doug Martsch, lead singer of Build to Spill, gave an impromtu performance outside the Fox Theatre prior to the actual show on July 10, 2006 "since the show was sold out, we figured we'd sing a few songs for those who don't have tickets". They played 6 ridiculously good songs before going in to get ready for the show. What other band would do that?

Built to Spill at the Fox

Built to Spill, performing on July 10 at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO. Will, Sach and myself watched the show one person back from the stage. I love the Fox!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Pearl Jam/Tom Petty show on July 2nd in Denver from my crappy sprint phone

Post spring training for fashion designer Marc Jacobs

This guy took off on his first flight about :30mins after I took this photo on the 4th of July.

Yeah - that's right. It is a squirrel

Out at Red Rocks for the WP show

Texas Rangers actually winning at this point in the game....

Rangers v Rockies

A couple of bikers at the Rangers v Rockies series at Coors Field. After a come-from-behind-win on Friday (8-6), the Rangers went on to lose both Sat (6-11) and Sun (0-3). Come on Rangers - let's keep it together till the middle of the season at least.

Camping / Fishing

Camping north of Silverthorne mid-June 2006 near Green Mtn Reservoir with Will, Adrienne, Fischer, Max and some bait stealing trout.

At Anytime?

Colorado Wildlife Sign

It's times like this when I thank GOD I drive a honda with good brakes.

Emergency truck ramp coming over Eisenhower Tunnel about 60 miles west of Denver.

Does anyone know the name of the Red Monster from Elmer Fudd cartoons?

Six Flags. Red Monter. How can you pass up the photo opp?

Fly Fishing Frenzy in Silverthorne

I took a fly fishing class which culminated in a Saturday outing in Silverthorne. Fish = 1. Chris = 0.